negotiating alimony payments in california

If you have recently got a divorce from your spouse, then you may be worried about having to make alimony payments to them in the future.

These payments are designed as a form of support for newly single people, and they are often awarded so that people can continue to enjoy the same standard of living that they have become accustomed too. Spousal support payments are usually intended to be rehabilitative and usually only cover a transitional period. Although they are much fabled, permanent alimony settlements are rarely awarded by the courts in California. Nonetheless, it is still important that you negotiate these payments properly with your former partner so that you do not end up paying more than a reasonable and fair amount.

Start with a Lawyer

You are likely to get a more favorable alimony settlement if you are prepared to hire a lawyer and enter into negotiations before the case arrives in court. A good family law lawyer will be used to dealing with complicated divorce settlements, and they will be skilled in the art of negotiation. If you use a lawyer, then it is likely that you will end up paying a smaller monthly payment, and these payments will last for a shorter amount of time.

Be Reasonable

If you are willing to enter into negotiations, you must be prepared to make certain compromises. It is a good idea to consider these compromises with your lawyer before the formal negotiations begin so that your lawyer will know how you feel. They will then be able to negotiate with your wishes in mind.

Never Accept the First Offer

Your spouse’s lawyer will usually begin the negotiations with a completely unreasonable offer, which they do not expect you to take. This offer is usually only given to prompt the discussion, and your spouse’s lawyer will be expecting a counter offer.

Remember the Division of your Personal Assets

When you are negotiating alimony payments, you should remind your partner and their lawyer about the outcome of your asset division. Generous asset division should be remembered when considering how much and for how long support should be paid to your spouse. It is also worth remembering that the assets which you have to cede in the divorce proceedings have lowered your overall financial worth, and should, therefore, lower the amount of alimony that your partner is expecting.

Remember Your Children

In some negotiating procedures, it is possible to offer to purchase certain things for your children, in exchange for a reduction in spousal support payments. Whilst these payments are not directly related to child support payments, if your spouse knows that your shared children are set to benefit rather than them, then they are often willing to compromise. Many supporting partners are willing to use this negotiating tool because they are offering things which they would be happy to pay for anyways. If the supported partner feels as though they do not have to pay for everything for the children out of the alimony payments that they receive, then they may be happier.

If you need help with negotiating spousal support payments, then contact a lawyer who is experienced at dealing with alimony and family law. You can get more information from spousal support in Orange County and alimony in Orange County, CA.

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