When falling in love there are no hard and fast rules. But for married couples falling out of love and undergoing a divorce, there are many rules that need to be observed.

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If you are among the numerous couples who have fallen in love only to fall out of love later on, the services of an experienced divorce attorney are indispensable.

The Law Offices of Joseph P. Downs can help you successfully navigate the legal complexities that come with the process of a divorce in Aliso Viejo, CA. Joseph P. Downs has more than 25 years of experience in family law in Orange County and is regarded as one of the most skilled and experienced divorce and family law attorneys in California.

Why do people get divorced?

There are many reasons why married couples seek a divorce. Infidelity is one common factor, as are financial and communications issues. The reasons behind a divorce can be distinct from another. This makes it necessary to have distinctive approach for each case.

The services of an Aliso Viejo divorce attorney with diverse and extensive experience in family law are therefore invaluable. Through such legal services, you’ll not only be able to overcome the myriads of legalities involved in a divorce, but also have the moral support of a professional who understands the emotional strains involved in such testing times.


A lot of complex issues have to be organized when settling a divorce. Division of marital property is one major concern that has to be satisfactorily resolved by both parties. If you have children, a resolution on child custody and child support will definitely be at the forefront of your discussions.

In many instances, the reasons behind the divorce can make an amicable settlement of these issues difficult. It is only through the help of a highly experienced divorce attorney Aliso Viejo that you can achieve a satisfactory resolution to the complex concerns that need to be settled in a divorce.

Family Law

Prevailing laws seek to protect the interest of children whose parents are going through a divorce. The process of ending a marriage when minor children are involved will have to take into consideration their future.

Having a divorce lawyer that’s well-versed in Family Law is an assurance that the welfare of all those affected by a marriage dissolution will be safeguarded. Ensuring that both parties come to an amicable agreement over child custody is one of our primary concerns at the Law Offices of Joseph P. Downs.

Child Custody

Minor children often undergo a difficult experience if their parents divorce. Acquiring the services of a divorce attorney in Aliso Viejo who can help negotiate mutually beneficial terms on child custody should go some way towards easing the difficulty of such an experience.

Moreover, having a professional divorce lawyer like the Law Offices of Joseph P. Downs enables fair negotiations on child support. With the able assistance of an Aliso Viejo divorce attorney, the children’s future won’t be held in jeopardy even with the parents’ divorce.

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