Is your marriage is headed toward a divorce? Better prepare yourself for a process which can take a huge toll, not only emotionally and physically.

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Divorce proceedings can also eat up much of your time and be a burden financially, especially without a competent legal counsel.

The Law Offices of Attorney Joseph P. Downs can help you mitigate the adversities that are associated with marriage dissolution proceedings. As your legal counsel, expect the professional services of a highly competent Fullerton divorce attorney.

We have settled hundreds of divorce cases in our legal practice encompassing more than 25 years. Let us professionally handle the challenges and issues that can occur in ending a marriage. Our specialization is family law as well as matters relating to contested and uncontested divorces.

Why Do People Get Divorced?

Our extensive experience as a divorce attorney gives us a thorough understanding of the circumstances that lead to a divorce. We consult closely with our clients about the reasons behind their decision to terminate their marriage.

This close consultation enables us to give you the best possible advice towards your divorce proceedings. Reasons like infidelity, irreconcilable differences and abuse are valuable inputs as we formulate a game plan for clients’ divorce cases.


Legally dissolving a marriage is an emotionally and financially complicated process that, in most cases, won’t be resolved to the satisfaction of all parties without the assistance of an expert Fullerton divorce attorney.

Your legal counsel should not only be well-versed on all aspects of divorce law. To be effective and provide the optimum service, the Law Offices of Attorney Joseph P. Downs keeps clients informed and updated on their case.

Moreover, we lay all available case information on the table for our clients to avoid unrealistic expectations. By being straightforward, we help our clients avoid situations which can unduly prolong the settlement of a divorce case.

Family Law

A divorce proceeding becomes even more complicated if the divorcing couple have minor children. Our specialization as a Fullerton family law attorney is therefore invaluable when it comes to settling matters regarding sufficient and fair child support, as well as custody arrangements.

Similarly, through our expertise in family law, we can help you reach a fair deal on such issues as visitation, guardianship and prenuptial agreements.

Child Custody

As a professional Fullerton child custody attorney, we are keenly aware that the children of divorcing couples share the difficulties involved in marriage dissolution. The Law Offices of Joseph P. Downs, therefore, strives to negotiate child custody arrangements that are fair and equitable to all parties involved in a divorce.

In the same manner, we work on the most appropriate financial support for the children of divorcing parents in order to help secure the children’s future.

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