Nobody gets married thinking they’re going to divorce one day, but unfortunately, it does happen all too often.

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A study conducted by the National Center for Family and Marriage Research at Ohio’s Bowling Green University showed that the rate of U.S. divorce among couples age 50 and over has doubled since 1990.

Marriages break down all the time, and while it’s possible for couples to reconcile in some case, in others there’s just no going back. The good news is many law practitioners, like the Law Offices of Joseph P. Downs, have significant expertise in the issues and concerns that arise from divorce cases.

Attorney Joseph P. Downs has more than 25 years of law practice concerning divorce and family law in Southern California. He’s one of the most experienced and trusted attorneys in Rancho Santa Margarita for all things divorce, family law, child custody and more.

Why do people get divorced?

The extensive experience of the Law Offices of Joseph P. Downs makes use one of the best choices of divorce attorneys if you’re looking for comprehensive legal counsel. Our services have helped hundreds of individuals to come to an adequate divorce settlement, no matter what the circumstances leading to the break up are.

Research shows that those who marry young have a higher than average chance of divorcing at a later stage. After a time, couples may experience a loss of connection and intimacy that can lead to them drifting apart and falling out of love. Regardless of the reason for your divorce, Attorney Joseph P. Downs has the knowledge and experience to successfully address the issues that led to the end of your marriage.


It’s obvious that more than just a textbook knowledge of divorce law is needed in order to come to an adequate arrangement with your spouse. To give yourself the best possible chance of securing an agreeable breakup, be sure to use the services of a Rancho Santa Margarita divorce attorney whose knowledge has been successfully applied in the fair and just settlement of divorce cases.

Over the years, the Law Offices of Joseph P. Downs has successfully handled hundreds of divorce and family law cases and assisted hundreds of people in securing the right future for themselves and their children.

Family Law

In many cases, divorce can require expertise in family law, the provisions of which will largely be applicable to all couples that have children. Seeking the legal advice of an experienced Rancho Santa Margarita family law attorney is, therefore, essential in order to come to a fair settlement on important issues such as spousal support and alimony.

Among “gray divorces” of older couples, competent legal counsel is critical for issues related to pensions and retirement plans. Without the expert advice of a Rancho Santa Margarita family attorney, divorcing couples in their senior years can face serious financial and legal challenges.

Child Custody

People seeking to end their marriage need to grapple with issues regarding child custody. Consequently, they need to secure the services of a reliable Rancho Santa Margarita child custody lawyer who possesses expertise in settling custodianship on terms which are acceptable to both parents.

Choosing an experienced Rancho Santa Margarita divorce lawyer will ensure you get the most competent legal advice on child support, an area of expertise where Attorney Joseph P. Downs has extensive experience and a proven local reputation.

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