When it comes to initiating a divorce, sensitive matters regarding your family affairs such as finances, relationships with your spouse and children, intimacy (or lack of it), and others need to be discussed in detail.

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Working with a divorce attorney lets you take an objective look at your marriage and decide on the best step to take.

It’s essential to seek the opinion of a qualified legal counsel who can guide you through the initial steps toward resolution of a failing marriage. The sober view of your legal counsel is vital if you’re to arrive at the appropriate solution to such issues as divorce, division of property, child custody, and pre-nuptial and post nuptial agreements.

Why do people get divorced?

An experienced Seal Beach divorce attorney can provide focused, objective legal assistance on the many factors that contribute to marriage difficulties and eventual separation. Expert knowledge regarding the grounds for divorce, such as infidelity and psychological incapacity, can help you reach the outcome you want in your divorce and family law cases.

People get divorced for a number of reasons. Some marriages end because of a lack of communication or commitment. Others end because of trust issues or severe violations of trust such as infidelity. A number of marriages also end because of abuse, which can be either emotional or physical in nature.


The expert advice of a Seal Beach divorce attorney will allow you to make a smart, informed decision regarding the future of your marriage. With the expert legal opinion of a divorce lawyer, you’ll be able to eliminate the guesswork when tackling the numerous complicated obstacles posed by ending a marriage.

The division of property and spousal support are two of the biggest issues that need to be settled. Several other issues can make divorce more complicated. One of these is the presence of children. If you and your spouse have young children together, arranging a fair and suitable child custody and support arrangement can be part of the divorce process.

Family Law

These complexities underscore the need to have a legal counsel who’s well grounded in family law. A Seal Beach family law attorney can help you overcome complex family-related matters once divorce proceedings have been initiated and you’ve made the decision to end your marriage.

Attorney Joseph P. Downs can also assist you with other family law issues, such as dividing marital assets during a divorce. From child support and alimony to determining which of your possessions are common property and which are not, let an experienced family attorney manage your family law concerns.

Child Custody

Fully satisfying the requirements of both spouses can be complex if children are involved. The question of custodianship is often one of the most difficult to resolve, and for this to be done satisfactorily it’s best to seek expert assistance from a child custody attorney.

The expert services of a Seal Beach child custody attorney an help you to negotiate this thorny issue in an impartial manner and come to a deal that suits you, your spouse and – most importantly of all, your young children.

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