Initiating a divorce can be a difficult step to take.

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But if you are among the many thousands of Americans who feel they have no recourse but marriage dissolution, it’s essential to seek out a divorce attorney who can help point you to reach equitable outcome for all parties in your case.

By having a competent divorce lawyer on your side, you’ll find it’s possible to alleviate many of the stresses that come from ending your marriage. Consulting an experienced family law professional provides you the appropriate guidance to take on the complex process of getting a divorce.

In so doing, you can be assured that the outcome of your marriage dissolution will be fair and just in all aspects. A legal eagle on your side will be an invaluable ally if you’re to negotiate fair arrangements with regard to child custody and support.

Why do people get divorced?

Statistics highlight the prevalence of divorce in American society. The divorce rate in the U.S. is nearly 4 per 1,000 people. Not shown in this data are the multiple different reasons why a significant number of married Americans get a divorce.

Underlying personality differences which can lead to irreconcilable family issues are one oft-cited factor in marriage dissolutions. Divorces can also arise from infidelity, abuse and physical or mental incapacity. It’s important to speak to a divorce attorney who can help you pinpoint the specific reasons behind your case, so as to come up with the most appropriate strategy for your marriage dissolution.


The game plan in obtaining a divorce can vary from case to case. This is why you need to secure the help of a La Habra divorce attorney with extensive experience in the complexities of marriage dissolution.

The Law Offices of Attorney Joseph P. Downs can provide you the right guidance in navigating the complex process of a divorce. Attorney Downs has more than 25 years of experience in law practice, satisfactorily handling thousands of cases in marriage dissolution.

Family Law

The complexity of a divorce grows even more if the divorcing couple has children of minor age. If you’re in this situation, you’ll want to have legal counsel on your side who’s highly experienced in family law.

As an experienced La Habra family law attorney, Joseph P. Downs is well positioned to help you negotiate a fair agreement on divorce issues involving children. Attorney Downs’ areas of expertise include not only child support and custody but also parents’ visitation rights.

Child Custody

As a concerned parent, you’ll want to minimize the emotional difficulties that your children will face when coping with your divorce. This can be done with the assistance of a La Habra child custody attorneyAttorney Downs always takes into account the children’s best interests while ensuring that both parents have satisfactory access.

At the Law Offices of Joseph P. Downs, we’ll provide you with the most appropriate legal counsel to help you achieve a favorable outcome in child custody mediation.

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