Ending a marriage via a divorce is fraught with difficulties.

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If you count among the 800,000 or so Americans each year who go for dissolution of their marriage, it would be wise to contract the services of an experienced divorce attorney in Cypress.

Having sound legal counsel on your side can eliminate much of difficulty in terminating a marriage. You can more readily navigate the issues involved in a divorce, among which are equitable division of marital property, child support and custody, and other matters related to a union subjected to the process of separation.

Why do people get divorced?

Relationships sour due to so many things. Sometimes there can be grave circumstances that serve as valid grounds for a divorce. These can include irreconcilable differences that arise from poor communication between the couples involved, or the marital relationship failing to grow strong over the years.

Identifying the root cause of a divorce through the help of an experienced divorce attorney in Cypress is one of the prerequisites in order to pursue marriage termination via legal channels. The final terms of a divorce can hinge upon the grounds upon which the case for the dissolution of marriage was filed. Threshing out with a divorce attorney the factors that brought about the case is therefore essential at the outset.


Divorce is a life-changing process. This holds true not only for the partners who are separating. Dissolving a marriage can also impact upon their close relatives, particularly if they have kids who are still minors.

The rights of the children are vitally important under divorce laws. Through the expert advice of a divorce attorney in Cypress, you can ensure that these rights are upheld.

Family Law

It is of utmost importance, therefore, to tap the services of divorce lawyer who is an authority on Family Law. Legal assistance of this caliber is necessary to ensure that the marriage dissolution won’t put in jeopardy the future of all the parties concerned, especially if there are minor children involved.

Concerns on such matters as alimony and child support can be satisfactorily addressed with the expertise of a divorce attorney in Cypress who’s well-versed in Family Law. Even better, avail of the services of a team at the Law Offices of Joseph P. Downs, which focuses on Family Law as applied to divorce cases.

Child Custody

In most divorce cases, child custody is a touchy issue. The right choice for the legal counsel who can competently address this matter is a divorce attorney in the mold of Joseph P. Browns.

His law offices form as a rich repository of expertise in Family Law derived from more than 25 years of experience in law practice. Besides child custody, Attorney Browns has a mastery of such issues as child visitation, child support and the other important legal aspects in divorce.

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