Depression, stress, loneliness and anger. These are just a few of the adverse effects people face following a mishandled divorce.

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There are just so many consequences to break up that can make your life miserable if your divorce isn’t handled by an experienced divorce attorney. Ironing out the terms of a fair and just dissolution is an exercise that’s best left to competent legal counsel who specializes in divorce law. What’s more, you should choose an attorney who has put theory into practice many times over.

This fusion of expertise and experience is the very reason why the Law Offices of Joseph P. Downs has been so successful in settling hundreds of divorce cases. Attorney Joseph P. Downs possesses more than 25 years of law experience, focused on divorce and dissolution of marriage. Through his professionalism, hundreds of previous clients have moved on with their lives filled with optimism. Joseph is one of the best divorce attorney in Orange County, California.

Why do people get divorced?

The sheer number of divorce cases filed each year, which numbers hundreds of thousands in the U.S., indicates there are numerous reasons behind failed marriages. Each relationship is unique, although in most cases the reasons can be categorized into one of several problems that affect married couples.

These include physical abuse, psychological incapacity, lack of communication, and infidelity, although there are many other reasons that cause couples to seek dissolution of their marriage. In any case, you’ll need to obtain the services of an experienced divorce attorney in Orange, CA – one that has a good grasp on the causes of divorce. Knowing the underlying cause of your marriage break up is essential if you’re to come to an amicable agreement with your spouse.


The best approach to a divorce settlement varies depending on what the reasons for the break up are. Additionally, other factors can be at play, given that the individual interests of a separating couple need to be properly addressed.

If your marriage is in the balance, you’ll need to speak to an Orange divorce attorney who considers not only your interests, but everybody’s interests – including your spouse and your children. The best choice is to find a divorce lawyer with an impartial perspective, sound judgment, and expertise in family and child custody laws.

Family Law

Taking the high ground with a broader view of the issues and concerns of divorce what makes the Law Offices of Joseph P. Downs one of the most respected Orange divorce attorneys. Invariably, the terms of your divorce will be based on the implementation of Family Law, which takes into consideration the individual rights of all parties in the case. Attorney Downs has specialized in Family Law for more than a quarter of a century. This long experience   ensures he can bring about an equitable resolution to such issues as prenuptial agreements, spousal support and alimony.

Child Custody

Provisions of the Family Law are likewise applied to cases involving children. Hence, it’s important to seek the services of an experienced child custody attorney. The Law Offices of Joseph P. Downs possesses expertise in this area and have achieved the right outcome in hundreds of child custody disputes and negotiations. The family law expertise of Attorney Downs is beneficial not only for settling parental custodianship, but also for related issues such as child visitation rights and child support.

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Be sure to understand the complexities involved in a divorce before taking any action. Call the Law Offices of Joseph P. Downs and we’ll help you to explore all possible options so you can come to the best possible settlement in your divorce, family law or child custody case.

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