Divorce proceedings can take considerable amount of time. As such, the stress and the costs related to the marriage dissolution can escalate exponentially.

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In California, it’s estimated that the divorce filing process alone can take as long as 360 days, which is a longer than most other states in the country.

Logically then, you’ll need to seek the services of a divorce attorney as soon as possible to help expedite the whole process faster and on terms which are fair and just to all the parties concerned.

The Law Offices of Joseph P. Downs can help you to negotiate as quickly as possible the many issues surrounding dissolution of a marriage.

Why do people get divorced?

Attorney Joseph P. Downs, having more than 25 years of practice in divorce law, knows all about the various grounds for ending a marriage, which can range from infidelity to high conflict between married couples. He has a reputation as one of the most experienced San Clemente divorce attorneys, and has developed a proven approach to all kinds of marriage dissolution cases through astute analysis of the reasons behind marital difficulties.

Divorce law, its applications and case precedents, is one of the core competencies of the Law Offices of Joseph P. Downs. This competency has helped us to resolve of hundreds of cases under terms that are equitable and fair to both parties involved in the end of a marriage.


Are you considering divorce? Ending your marriage is a serious step, and going into a divorce without the legal knowledge and perspective that can be provided by a San Clemente Divorce attorney can put you at a serious disadvantage.

Attorney Joseph P. Downs has more than 25 years of experience in all aspects of divorce and family law, and can help you make the right choices in your divorce case. Benefit from the knowledge and experience of an expert in divorce law with decades of experience in the San Clemente region.

Family Law

Additionally, Attorney Downs’ legal practice focuses on family law, providing clients with a more comprehensive lineup of services. This enables clients to manage their time and resources more effectively as they need to deal only with a single divorce lawyer for representation and counseling.

Proficiency in family law is an expertise you can’t do without in marriage dissolution. Many salient provisions of this law address issues regarding family relations which could be altered following a divorce. Due to the complexities of these provisions, it’s ideal to obtain the services of a San Clemente family law attorney if you are considering ending your marriage.

Child Custody

Family law issues will necessarily have to be resolved in the divorce proceedings to ensure there is no resentment later on. These not only include issues directly affecting the interest of the spouses involved. The situation becomes even more complex and time-consuming when the couple has children of minor age.

A San Clemente child custody attorney can help settle custodianship of the children to ensure everyone is content and that your children are safe and happy. Our experience and understanding of the difficulties these sensitive issues cause helps us help you reach the right outcome regarding child custody.

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