Are you considering ending your marriage? Going through a divorce is never an easy task, and having the trust and legal guidance of a divorce attorney on your side can help you make the right decisions regarding your family’s future.

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Every year, more than 800,000 Americans go through the divorce process. Joseph P. Downs is a top divorce attorney Laguna Beach who can offer you the help and legal advice you need in the emotional and legally difficult situation you’re facing.

Getting divorced is a complicated and challenging process, taking its psychological and emotional toll on your entire family. Going through the divorce process without a qualified attorney on your side only makes it more difficult and could impact your ability to determine your family’s future.

Why do people get divorced?

Making the decision to get divorced isn’t easy, and people often reach the conclusion that their marriage needs to end for different reasons. People divorce for a variety of reasons, ranging from domestic abuse or infidelity to a gradual change of heart.

One of the most difficult periods for many people is the “seven year mark” – a point at which differences in personalities, attitudes and morals can make maintaining an emotionally healthy marriage difficult.

Divorce can also occur as the result of an unsafe or unhappy home environment. In the United Sates, almost 30 percent of all divorce cases are the product of violent or emotionally abusive marriages in which one or both partners feel threatened.

Getting a divorce is never an easy decision, whatever your reason may be. However, it’s important to go through the process of divorce with a qualified divorce attorney on your side to help you make the right legal decisions.


The process of getting divorced can raise as many questions as it answers. How will child custody be determined, if you have children? How will your marital assets be distributed? How will reasonable financial support be calculated and processed?

Going through the divorce process alone often leaves you at a disadvantage, making it difficult to achieve a fair result regarding child custody, alimony and more. Get the right outcome for your family in your divorce our family and divorce law services.

Family Law

Divorce becomes even more complicated when children are involved. Navigate the process of determining fair child custody and child support arrangements with the legal support of a family law attorney.

Child Custody

The child custody arrangements you work out during your divorce could determine your family’s future for more than a decade to come. In order to achieve a fair result, it’s vital to work with an informed and capable attorney during the process.

Give yourself the legal perspective and practical advice required to achieve fair child custody arrangements for yourself and your children with a Laguna Beach divorce attorney as your legal counsel.

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