The emotional pain involved in dissolution of marriage can cloud the judgment of those

Even the most grounded and logical people can become confused when they’re considering getting a divorce.

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Your approach to ending your marriage will almost always be difficult to manage, which can put you at a disadvantage.

As such, going it alone isn’t the right choice if you’re serious about getting a divorce in Laguna Niguel. A more effective way is to seek the services of an experienced divorce attorney who can provide an unbiased, objective and actionable perspective on your case.

An objective legal counsel will help you to come up with a much more viable strategy to ensure you get a fair and equitable divorce settlement. It’s highly recommended to choose a divorce attorney whose viewpoint takes into consideration all the aspects of marriage dissolution and whose work ethic revolves around objectivity.

Why do people get divorced?

Having an objective lawyer cannot be overemphasized. The underlying reasons behind divorce are often a two-way street, with both parties contributing to the breakdown of a marriage. One example is a lack of communication –  something which can affect many married couples.

It will help your case no end to find a Laguna Niguel divorce attorney who can gather the facts of a case from an impartial viewpoint. With the help of an experienced attorney, it’s possible to device a game plan that can satisfy the interests of all parties in the fastest possible time.


The attorney of your choice should have requisite experience in the specific circumstances that have led to your divorce. For instance, if what you are experiencing a contested divorce, you should be represented by a divorce attorney who has settled numerous dissolution of marriages of that sort.

The Law Offices of Joseph P. Downs possesses such qualifications. Attorney Downs has negotiated hundreds of divorce case settlements in more than 25 years of legal practice. His cases have encompassed virtually all aspects of divorce law.

Family Law

Family-related concerns are the primary element in most divorce cases. It goes without saying that a divorce lawyer should ideally specialize in Family Law.

The Laguna Niguel family law attorney you choose should have the expertise in addressing all legal issues on domestic relations. Some of the aspects of family law which will need to be addressed include property settlement and reaching an agreement regarding any children affected by dissolution of your marriage.

Child Custody

If you have children, your divorce will require special litigation to address issues of custodianship. If your marriage dissolution falls under this circumstance, it is wise to speak to a Laguna Niguel child custody attorney as soon as possible.

Custodianship of children is often a flashpoint for couples feuding in a divorce. You’ll need to have a legal counsel who can expertly guide you through these negotiations, which will necessitate some “give and take” to ensure both parents are satisfied. Adequate child support should also be at the top of the settlement agenda so as not to jeopardize your children’s future.

Speak to a Laguna Niguel Divorce Attorney

The path to a divorce is littered with issues, but these can easily be avoided with the help of an experienced legal counsel. Call the Law Offices of Joseph P. Downs today for advice on the best approach towards successfully ending your marriage.

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