Why Should You Work With a Garden Grove Christian Divorce Attorney?

Are you thinking about getting a divorce? Ending your marriage is a difficult process that can have a significant emotional toll.

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Working with a divorce attorney in Garden Grove gives you the knowledge and perspective to make the right choice.

Over 800,000 Americans make the decision to end their marriages each and every year. While some divorces are mutual decisions that both partners move on from easily, others are more complicated, nuanced, and difficult.

The process of divorce is physically and emotionally draining, as well as potentially stressful. The advice and counsel of a Christian divorce attorney not only gives you the knowledge of how to get divorced; it gives you the confidence to move ahead and make the right decisions.

Why do people get divorced?

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people in the United States make the choice to end their marriages. Most people get divorced at the problematic “seven year mark” – a period at the seventh of eighth year of marriage at which divorce peaks.

People get divorced for a wide variety of reasons. Many claim that constant fighting and arguments destroyed their marriage, while over 55 percent of all divorces are reportedly caused by infidelity and a violation of marital trust.

Divorces can often occur due to domestic violence and abuse. In the United States, abuse or violence plays a part in 29 percent of divorces. As you can see, there is a diverse range of causes for divorce, and some occur for more than one reason.


Getting divorced is never easy. From the stress of ending a marriage to the physical exhaustion of making your way through the divorce process, a major decision such as divorce is not something that should be taken lightly.

From tax issues and shared accounts to child custody and marital property, there is a great level of complexity to divorce. Work with a Garden Grove divorce attorney to ensure that you achieve a fair outcome during the divorce process.

Family Law

Family law is a complex and nuanced field that can be intimidating and stressful for the unprepared. Working with a family law attorney gives you the knowledge to move forward, as well as the understanding that your Christian values are shared and respected.

Child Custody

Divorce can be a difficult experience for children, especially if it involves conflict and disputes. An experienced Garden Grove divorce lawyer can establish a fair and stable child custody arrangement so that your children are safe, secure, and happy.

As well as offering the legal knowledge to help you achieve the right outcome during your divorce, Garden Grove child custody attorney can make sure your Christian morals and family wishes are central to the child custody process and visitation agreement.

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