Not all lawyers are the same. Different lawyers have different fields of specialization, just like medical professionals do.

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If you’re considering filing for a divorce, be sure to contact an attorney that specializes in family law and divorce law in Laguna Woods.

The Law Offices of Joseph P. Downs can provide you with the services of a divorce attorney who fits this qualification exact qualification. During more than 25 years of law practice, we have negotiated hundreds of fair and equitable settlements in divorce cases in the Laguna Woods area.

Why do people get divorced?

A solid understanding of the reasons why people get divorced enables Attorney Downs to extend superior client services as a Laguna Woods divorce attorney. Because he approaches each case with an impartial perspective, he’ll be able to advise you on the most appropriate approach to take in order to pursue a fair and equitable solution in ending a marriage.

It can be very difficult to achieve a desirable outcome without the impartial view of a divorce lawyer. The parties involved in divorce cases are often clouded in their thinking due to the stress of separation and the end of their marriage that they are experiencing.

Often overlooked is the fact that ending a marriage is a confluence of factors such as poor sharing of responsibility and inadequate communication. Having legal counsel who can see the total picture is therefore important if you’re to satisfactorily resolve the many issues that triggered your divorce.


Many questions needs to be resolved when a marriage breaks down. Therefore, the Laguna Woods divorce attorney you choose should be able to guide you in all matters, not only property distribution following the divorce. Your legal counsel of choice should also be able help resolve other matters like the question of alimony and parental rights.

Divorce negotiations can be even more complicated if kids are involved. You will need a divorce lawyer who is adept at negotiating child custody, child support and visitation.

Family Law

Obviously, navigating the divorce process revolves around family-related matters. A mastery and deep knowledge of family law is therefore one of the most important prerequisites when it comes to selecting the right divorce lawyer.

By choosing a reliable Laguna Woods family law attorney, you’ll be able to address your concerns with regard to all family-related matters before your divorce is finalized.

Child Custody

The question of child custody is one of the most critical in any divorce. As such, it pays to have a competent child custody lawyer on your side in order to work out a viable solution. Attorney Joseph P. Downs can assist you in achieving a fair outcome regarding child custody.

Sound legal advice is necessary in the mediation process that you’ll have to go through to determine issues like parental custodianship and visitation. This benefits not just you, but also your children, and ensures that all parties can pick up the pieces once your separation is complete.

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