If you are considering ending your marriage, it’s essential that you choose a capable, experienced lawyer to assist you.

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The process of divorce can be immensely difficult, and the right Fountain Valley divorce attorney can make all the difference.

The Law Offices of Attorney Joseph P. Downs has more than 25 years of experience in family law, divorce and child custody. Let us assist you with the process of ending your marriage and reaching an outcome that’s desirable for your spouse and family.

We have developed tried and tested approaches to the divorce cases we handle. Let us offer advice and legal assistance as you navigate one of the most difficult parts of ending your marriage.

Why do people get divorced?

As the preferred divorce attorney in Fountain Valley, our law practice is founded on a full understanding on the causes of a marriage breakup. Using our knowledge, we can expertly walk you through the divorce process and address the reasons behind your marriage breakup, be it abuse, infidelity, or lack of commitment.

Similarly, our sharp insight on the reasons why married couples divorce enables us to tackle such sensitive issues as child custody and support.


A dissolution of marriage at terms which are agreeable to both parties can be extremely difficult to achieve without the services of a competent Fountain Valley divorce attorney. For instance, a viable framework on the division of assets and properties has to be set to the satisfaction of both separating spouses.

There’s also the question of child custody and support if the couple has children of minor age. Arriving at divorce terms which are fair and equitable to all the parties concerned will largely depend on the competency of the legal counsel.

Family Law

It’s a given that divorce can cause problems for the whole family, especially young children. Choosing an experienced divorce attorney allows you to reach the right outcome regarding the complexities of family law.

Our specialization in family law will be immensely helpful when resolving the many issues surrounding a divorce. Foremost of these are the repercussions for couples with children, a situation that requires an amicable settlement regarding financial support.

Child Custody

Contentious issues often arise, as the courts look after the best interests of the children when their parents divorce. In addition to financial support, custody determination is sure to be a thorny issue in divorce proceedings.

This particular concern can be addressed through the expertise of a Fountain Valley child custody attorney. You’ll need sound legal advice on how to present your case on child custody if you’re to reach a favorable settlement. Essentially, child custody determination would be based on parental fitness, physical and mental ability, and your relationship with the children.

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