If divorce is looming on your radar screen, consider talking to a divorce attorney.

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Over 800,000 people divorce every year, and speaking with an expert in divorce and family law lets you gain valuable perspective on ending your marriage.

The Law Offices of Joseph P. Downs can provide you with invaluable support when planning a divorce, and can even help to address issues before you file your case. By doing so, you can at least mitigate some of the stresses and difficulties involved in the complicated process of ending a marriage.

Why do people get divorced?

Despite the stress that’s involved in a divorce, thousands of married couples in America choose to dissolve their union rather than bear a lifetime of marital difficulties. Divorces happen for many reasons, ranging from physical or psychological abuse to personality differences that result in a hopelessly rocky marriage.

Speaking with a La Palma divorce attorney is your first step towards ending your marriage. By doing so, you’ll become familiar with all of the steps you need to take. We can help to enlighten you about the multitude of legal issues surrounding a divorce, and give you sound legal advice on how to best approach each concern.


Choose a La Palma divorce attorney with broad experience in marriage dissolution. The Law Offices of Joseph P. Downs has successfully negotiated hundreds of divorce cases in over 25 years of practice.

With an experienced divorce law practitioner, you will be able to come up with an approach that’s best suited to your particular case. Given the diverse experience of Attorney Downs, you can expect to come to a good solution on matters as property division and child custody. We work to ensure that any settlement is in the mutual interest of all the parties concerned.

Family Law

Preparing for the consequences of a divorce is never easy, as it impacts upon the family. Hence, the legal counsel you choose should have family law as their main area of expertise.

The Law Offices of Joseph P. Downs is highly experienced in La Palma family law cases of all varieties. Attorney Downs has extensive knowledge and experience in the key aspects of family law. Legal matters pertaining to family constitute some of the most complicated areas in a divorce case, making it vital to select an attorney whose expertise is grounded in family law.

Child Custody

As well as expertise in family law, Attorney Downs is an experienced La Palma child custody attorney. Negotiating child custody can be one of the most complex steps in ending marriage, and so such expertise is essential if you have young children.

The issue of child custody calls for a mediation process wherein you will need to prove your capability as a parent. The expert advice of legal counsel with extensive experience on this process will definitely be helpful.

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