• Is your marriage on the rocks?
  • Does it feel as if dissolution is the only possible solution left to your troubles?
  • Dissolving a marriage is an immensely complex and difficult process.

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To reach an amicable agreement with your spouse, you’ll need to call upon the services of an experienced Brea divorce attorney who can walk you through the maze of legal complexities involved. A professional divorce lawyer can likewise help you explore possible alternatives to divorce, such as annulment or legal separation.

Competent law practitioners like those at the Law Offices of Joseph P. Downs are your best source of  advice for all divorce-related matters, not only property division. If children are involved, you’ll also legal representation which can also advise you on such matters as child custody, child support, visitation, and other important matters related to this. All of these matters are within the core competencies of Attorney Joseph P. Downs.

Why do people get divorced?

There are all kinds of reasons why couples might conclude that divorce is the only viable option left for them. Communication problems between couples can lead to irreconcilable differences, which is one of the most common grounds for dissolution of marriage in Brea.

The mental health of either partner could be another issue. It could form the basis of either psychological incapacity or incurable insanity, which is likewise also grounds for divorce. In any case, it will be most advantageous to work with a lawyer who possesses a solid grounding on the many reasons behind marriage dissolution.


Remember that the concerns of all the parties involved need to be addressed in a divorce, not just your own concerns. A divorce attorney is far more likely to help you and your partner come up with agreeable terms to your marriage dissolution. It’s to both parties’ advantage if everybody’s concerns can be satisfactorily resolved at the bargaining table, before going to the court room.

Coming to an agreement is especially important if you have minor children. Bear in mind that parental responsibility doesn’t end upon divorce, as there are many complex issues which need to be worked out regarding your offspring’s future.

Family Law

A Brea divorce attorney who knows the ins and outs of Family Law will your best ally when seeking the right approach to marriage dissolution. They’ll ensure you have competent legal representation with thorough knowledge on spousal and child support.

At the Law Offices of Joseph P. Downs, our clients benefit from a comprehensive database of child support cases which can help in smoothing the divorce proceedings. We’ll help to ensure that your rights, as well your children’s, will be protected during the entire process of marriage dissolution.

Child Custody

The welfare of minor children is one of the trickiest issues for divorcing couples. An expert Brea divorce attorney is able to draw upon years of experience in complex and nuanced cases involving child support, child custody, and child visitation.

Such knowledge is of vital important in contested divorce proceedings, such as when the parties involved cannot agree on where the children should live or what the visitation hours should be.

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