Child Custody & Visitation

Child Custody can be one of the most complicated and emotional issues involved in a dissolution of marriage.


Child Support

In California, as in most states, parents going through divorce are responsible for the financial support of their children.


Divorce & Legal Separation

In California, other possible alternatives to divorce include legal separation or annulment.


“ We understand a divorce may prove to be the single most difficult and emotional experience in a client’s life.”

The Law Offices of Joseph P. Downs works as a team to meet your family’s legal needs. Our entire staff is at your service to provide information, experience, and insight in your matter. We keep our clients informed.


Orange County Family Law Attorney Practice Areas

With over 25 years of extensive family law experience, Attorney Joseph P. Downs is considered to be one of the most experienced and most respected family law and divorce attorneys practicing in Orange County, California today.
orange county divorce attorney practice areas
Orange County Divorce Attorney Practice Areas
Attorney Downs has successfully tried thousands of family law cases, routinely achieving outstanding results for his clients. Attorney Joseph P. Downs provides representation in the practice areas of but not limited to:

  • Child Custody & Visitation
  • Child Support
  • Divorce & Legal Separation
  • Paternity Actions
  • Property Division
  • Spousal Support & Alimony

Family Law attorney is a practice that involves legal matters for family issues such as divorce, adoption, child custody & visitation, Spousal Support & Alimony, and domestic abuse.
Family law attorney also provides legal representatives for Child Support Divorce & Legal Separation. They can asses and advice clients during the most stressful situation. In difficult times, it is necessary to have somebody who understands legal rights. The emotional experience when having a divorce is indescribable. This is why legal attorney can settle everything and provides all the benefits for both parties.

The task for a family attorney might be based on the case they handle. The typical task includes Paternity Actions Property Division or issues from the clients that have been discussed. The discussion involves details on how you handle the problem, what about the custody, the money taking, the dispute and more. There are issues every day and the professional team always makes list to keep up with them. Obviously, it is a challenging task but that is how a professional attorney works.

Orange County Family law attorney has a high experience in negotiation. The process will help to minimize the expenses because an attorney facilitates as a middleman inside and outside the court. They are the pro who understand and concern about your issue and will use every mediation to make the benefit turns to you.

The practice area of family law attorney includes different circumstances like litigation instead of just negotiation. The skilled men may have crucial opinions that you need to respect such as whether or not you need a child psychologist. Sometimes the case needs to be resolved outside the court and family attorney generally becomes an advisor.

An experienced attorney is able to negotiate and provide legal acumen. During vulnerable situation, it is necessary to be responsive over what these clients’ needs. Otherwise, it will only burden them. It is also understandable that during the moment, client might not be able to think clearly. However, the situation and the related factors are manageable if client handles them smartly.

If you are looking for a family law attorney that can settle your case in Orange, California, you can rely on Joseph P. Downs. There are lots of law attorneys in this area. So, while hiring someone for your case, you should be careful and intelligent to check out all things. This will surely results in positive consequences all the way. Joseph P. Downs is the one among the most reliable law attorneys in this region. Under the practice name of Law Office of Joseph P. Downs; the professional team will help you with everything necessary for your legal matter. Joseph P. Downs has years of experience in dealing with challenges in court room. He has resolved family law problems from divorce to child custody. He also advises many couples on financial settlements. There are many family law attorneys in Orange County but if you are looking for one of the best family attorney expertise, Joseph P Downs has the practice area for that.

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