Going through a divorce can be an extremely emotionally charged and taxing exercise.

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The entire process, however, can proceed much more smoothly and therefore be less draining emotionally with the assistance of a professional Costa Mesa divorce attorney.

There are many lawyers offering services related to marriage dissolution, what with the rise of divorce cases in the U.S. But not every lawyer specializes in divorce. Be sure to look for a law firm like the Law Offices of Joseph P. Downs, which has a team that specializes in Family Law matters.

With a family law attorney, clients can expect expert guidance through the complex legalities involved in a divorce. If you’re terminating a marriage, your divorce lawyer will be your best source of correct advice on such issues as fair division of marital property, child custody and visitation, as well as child support.

Why do people get divorced?

There are various reasons why relationships can fall apart. Discussing what these reasons are with a reliable and experienced Costa Mesa divorce attorney is a crucial step in order to set the groundwork for divorce proceedings.

It’s essential to choose a legal practitioner with a solid grasp of the various reasons why people get divorced, and their implications on the process of terminating a marriage. The Law Offices of Joseph P. Downs is backed by more than 25 years experience, and has in-depth knowledge of the various legal grounds for divorce and their specific impact on individual cases.


A divorce, needless to say, has to be fair and equitable to all parties concerned. It would be ideal to have a divorce lawyer in Costa Mesa who can help you arrive, as much as possible, to an amicable divorce agreement.

Dissolving a marriage, after all, causes much distress within any family. Luckily, you’ll get all the legal help and expertise you’ll need when you hire a Costa Mesa divorce attorney who can assist in alleviating the distress that comes with ending a marriage.

Family Law

Family Law was specifically promulgated to safeguard the basic institution of our society. It’s important to secure the services of an expert on this law, as this will help in settling vitally important matters such as child support and custody.

With the assistance of an attorney who’s well-grounded in Family Law, you can continue to ensure the happiness and well-being of your family, despite the termination of your marriage.

Child Custody

Children, minors especially, suffer greatly when their parent’s marriage breaks down. With the right legal counsel, you can definitely lessen this suffering.

An experienced Costa Mesa divorce attorney can help and advise you in mediation, prior to divorce litigation, regarding child custody. There are two types of child custody: legal and physical. On this matter alone, the counsel of your lawyer will definitely be advantageous. There are also many other divorce issues to consider, making it an imperative to seek expert legal advice.

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