If you’re faced with the prospect of a divorce, you will certainly be undergoing some serious soul-searching.

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Marriage, after all, is a bond which is supposed to be everlasting, and untying the knot will require some serious planning.

One of the most important preliminary steps you should contemplate is to seek a competent Mission Viejo attorney as soon as possible.  The objective viewpoint of an experienced legal counsel can be indispensable in determining the best course of action to take, if you truly believe there is no way to save your marriage.

Why do people get divorced?

There are many reasons why couples feel that divorce is there only option. A divorce attorney can assist you to analyze what’s caused the destabilization of your marriage. It’s important to scrutinize the causes of your divorce, as this will help us to come up with a plan to negotiate a settlement that’s in the interest of both parties.

A divorce case that’s brought about by marital abuse is quite different from one where two partners have simply fallen out of love. In some cases, there could be multiple or additional grounds to consider, such as irreconcilable differences of the two contending parties. With the help of legal counsel, an appropriate approach to your divorce can be formulated.


It is advantageous to seek the services of an experienced Mission Viejo divorce attorney that specializes in the dissolution of marriage. The Law Offices of John P. Downs ranks among the leading practitioners of divorce law in Mission Viejo, and has at its disposal more than 25 years of practice in this field.

The Law Offices of Joseph P. Downs specialization in divorce law is bolstered by access to the latest updates and precedent-setting decisions in the field of divorce and family law.

Family Law

Another core competency we possess is expertise in Family Law. This strength has enabled the Downs Law Offices to satisfactorily settle thousands of divorces cases. A satisfactory settlement to a divorce can be more readily expedited by legal counsel that has a firm grasp of complexities such as support and alimony, among other issues.

Nobody wants to have their divorce proceedings drag on for months on end, and so it’s in your interests to hire a Mission Viejo Family Law attorney whose theoretical knowledge is combined with long years of litigation experience. This combination can help bring about fair settlement in the fastest possible time.

Child Custody

Legal counsel that’s specialized in divorce and family law is another key advantage we offer. This helps us to address all child custody issues to the satisfaction of both parents. By hiring the a Mission Viejo child custody attorney, you’ll be doing everything you can to safeguard the interests of your children. After all, it’s very often the kids who stand to suffer the most when their parents divorce.

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