Do you think your marriage may be coming to an end? Have you been given divorce papers by your spouse and need to respond?

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The process of divorce can be stressful and challenging, which is why it’s important to work with a good divorce attorney.

Speaking to a divorce attorney not only gives you the legal perspective to make the right choice regarding the future of your marriage – it also helps you move forward in an objective, rational way without emotions clouding your thinking.

The Law Offices of Joseph P. Downs has assisted hundreds of people with family law issues and divorce. If you believe your marriage is coming to an end, we can provide legal counsel so that you and your family can move forward.

Why do people get divorced?

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people make the difficult decision to end their marriages. Divorces occur for a variety of reasons, ranging from severe violations of trust, such as infidelity and fraud, to disagreements of opinion and lifestyle.

Not all couples end their marriages because of severe trust violations. Many people get married and gradually “fall out of love” as time goes by. Others reach the end of their marriage due to personal events or changes in their beliefs and values.

Finally, some marriages end because of stress, violence and other issues. Abuse is a major factor in many divorces, and spouses that are mean or abusive – both violent and emotionally – can often drive their spouse to seek an end to their marriage.


Do you think your marriage is no longer salvageable? If your marriage can’t go on any longer, seeking a divorce may be the best way to refocus yourself and move on with your life after a failed relationship.

There are many reasons to get divorced, and all are equally valid in the eyes of the law. From infidelity to gradual changes in personality that turn your spouse into an entirely different person, divorce occurs because of many events and obstacles.

Many issues arise during a divorce, from dividing marital property to working out custody arrangements for your children. Working with Attorney Joseph P. Downs – an experienced Villa Park divorce attorney – can help you make the right decisions.

Family Law

Divorce and family law are closely intertwined, and working with a lawyer who’s an expert in both divorce and family legal issues will make your divorce far smoother, less stressful and more straightforward.

The Law Offices of Joseph P. Downs have more than 25 years of experience in family law and can assist you with any family legal disputes. From child support to divorce-related issues such as property division, we’re here to help you with any family law issues that occur.

Child Custody

Working out a suitable child custody arrangement is one of the most difficult parts of many divorce cases. We’ve helped hundreds of couples reach working custody arrangements, and we can help you do the same.

A highly experienced Villa Park divorce attorney can help you reach an outcome on child custody and support that’s fair to both parties. Speak to us today to make sure your child has a future that’s safe, financially secure and promising.

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