Opinions differ greatly when it comes to approaching the issue of divorce. Some think that a confidant would be the best initial sounding board when considering such a step.

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This approach, while logical to some people, may not be the best way to start if you’re seeking a real solution to your failing marriage. Experience shows that having an unbiased but expert legal perspective at the outset is a more viable way to tackle a marriage breakup.

Advice from friends and relatives is useful and important, but their opinions can also be tainted by emotions. Seeking legal counsel from an impartial divorce attorney is a much more viable initial step in approaching a divorce.

Why do people get divorced?

Friends and relatives around you can sometimes be contributory factors to a failing marriage. Relationships with the close kin of married couples are oftentimes stakeholders in the relationship. This further demonstrates the need to have the services of a Los Alamitos divorce attorney who can view the bigger picture.

As you can deduce from the thousands of divorces filed each year in the U.S., there are plenty of reasons why marriages break down. These include infidelity, irreconcilable differences, and physical or psychological incapacity.

You will need the services of a highly-experienced divorce lawyer who can help you determine the best approach to ending marriage, which will depend on the nature of the difficulties in your relationship.


There are many sensitivities in a divorce. The financial aspect can be a touchy issue, and there’s also the spiritual and emotional concerns that need to be resolved in order to end a marriage in the best way possible.

Hire a divorce attorney Los Alamitos who can guide you through the maze of factors at play when undergoing dissolution of marriage is your best bet. Necessarily, the guidance that you’ll need must have a solid foundation in both legal expertise and law practice experience.

Family Law

In most cases, complex provisions of Family Law govern the dissolution of a marriage. Your logical step, therefore, is to seek the services of a Los Alamitos Family Law attorney with a credible track record in legal circles.

The Law Offices of Joseph P. Downs, specialized in Family Law, can help you tackle all the legal aspects of a divorce. You can bank on the 25+ years of experience of Attorney Downs in legal matters that are critical to the fair and just resolution of matters like spousal support and the division of assets and properties.

Child Custody

In the same manner, the Law Offices of Joseph P. Downs possesses expertise in the complex field of child custody. By employing the services of an experienced Los Alamitos child custody attorney, settlement of custodianship of children can be agreed, taking into account the best interests of all parties concerned.

As far as child custody is concerned, the divorce lawyer you’ll need should be a legal luminary who can give you the long-term perspective of what this means. After all, the issues revolves around your children’s future.

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