Choosing The Right Christian Divorce Attorney

Making the decision to end your marriage can be very challenging. Divorce is one of the most challenging experiences anyone can go through, and starting the process without information and counsel is rarely a good decision.

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By working with a Santa Ana divorce lawyer, you can navigate the legal environment of this issue and make an informed decision about your future and the future of your family.

An experienced family attorney can also assist you with the religious aspects of divorce, the arrangements you and your former spouse make regarding child custody, and the challenging and complicated field of family law.

Why do people get divorced?

Although the divorce rate has declined over the past two decades, over 800,000 people still make the decision to divorce every year in the United States. It’s vital that you remember you’re not alone when your marriage comes to an end.

Divorces occur for a variety of reasons. Many couples choose to separate due to differences in personality or values. Others make decision to end their marriage because of infidelity and its effect on their trust in one another.

Some people file this case to end an abusive or dangerous marriage. There are a wide range of reasons to end a marriage, all of which require careful consideration and consultation with a divorce attorney before an informed decision can be made.


Dissolution of marriage is a complicated process. As such, it’s important to go into a divorce with the assistance of experienced legal counsel. A Christian divorce lawyer gives you more than just legal knowledge – they also give you moral values that match your own.

Emotions often play a major role in the whole procedure, and many people value not just the legal knowledge a Santa Ana Christian divorce attorney offers, but the rational, informed approach that they bring to the process.

Family Law

From child support to division of property, family law is far from simple. Having an Family Law on your side lets you make informed choices about your family’s future.

Our lawyers deal with family-related matters and domestic relations including legal separation, prenuptial agreement, child support and visitation, alimony, paternity and guardianship. We can assist you in the pursuit of a resolution to your case. We make every effort to understand what you are going through by paying attention and providing legal advice and guidance.

Child Custody

Children are the real victims of divorce, and unsafe or unstable custody agreements can often have serious negative effects on their well-being. An experienced Christian divorce attorney can help you achieve a safe custody arrangement for your kids.

Speaking to a Santa Ana Christian child custody attorney before you consider filing the case is a vital part of planning your children’s future. An experienced attorney can offer you an honest, helpful Christian perspective on the effects of divorce on children.

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