The emotional pain involved in dissolution of marriage can cloud the judgment of those directly involved in the process.

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If you are among the hundreds of thousands of Americans who seek divorce annually, it’s advisable to hire a reliable divorce attorney in Buena Park.

Acquiring the services of a professional will not only give you an objective assessment of your case. Having a competent divorce lawyer will also give you access to the various ways, requirements and legalities involved in dissolving a marriage. Expert advice with regard to your rights in ending a domestic partnership will likewise be accessible to you.

Why do people get divorced?

It is important for people seeking marriage dissolution to understand the grounds for a divorce. A professional lawyer may even help save a marriage by first referring the parties involved to a marriage counselor. With appropriate counseling, some remedies to the common causes of divorce – such as lack of communication, or intimacy, can be mutually agreed upon by the married couple.

However, if a divorce is truly unavoidable, a competent lawyer is needed to guide you through the various steps in ending your marriage. This assistance is even more crucial if you have children, as this means extra headaches for both parties regarding such matters as legal child custody and related issues.


Legal concerns about your minor offspring are but one aspect of the divorce. You will need an expert lawyer to represent you regarding division of marital property, such as the family home, the car, and other effects. Legal guidance is also necessary regarding financial matters surrounding marriage dissolution, such as alimony and child support.

If you have entered into a pre-nuptial agreement, you will certainly need professional legal advice on how to carry out this kind of pact upon the divorce.

Family Law

A lawyer with specialization in Family Law is a wise choice when searching for a divorce attorney in Buena Park. One of the most ideal choices would a professional entity like the Law Offices of Joseph P. Downs, which has a special team dedicated to Family Law.

This team of legal experts can provide clients with advice and information on all aspects of family law. By tapping our services, you will thoroughly understand each and every step of the divorce process, and receive timely and regular updates on your case.

Child Custody

It is important to work with a divorce attorney in Buena Park who is an expert on child custody, one of the most contentious elements in any divorce. As a parent, you need to ensure the peace of mind and future of your offspring, an objective which can only be achieved through the help of a competent divorce lawyer.

What would be most helpful is the legal perspective and advice of a competent divorce attorney regarding fair arrangements on child custody and visitation, and as importantly, child support.

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