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The process of separation and divorce has been used for a long time in Orange and Irvine, California by parents to resolve their marital differences.

One of the key elements of any divorce or separation is child custody. Through the legal process of child custody in Orange County CA, the parents, with the mediation of a court and assistance of a family lawyer develop a plan which details how the child/ children are going to be taken care of.

Attorney Joseph P. Downs practices at the Law Office of Joseph P. Downs and he is one of the most experienced lawyers when it comes to matters of child custody.

For most parents going through a divorce, child visitation, and child custody in Orange County, CA is one of the most cumbersome things they have to go through in their lives. If the one parent doesn’t get custody of his or her lovely child, the court will give details as to how he or she can visit the child, and attorney Joseph P. Downs can help ensure that you get a verdict that favors you. During the mediation process of child custody, there are certain tips that lawyers practicing at the Law Office of Joseph P. Downs always advise the parents to ensure that they get a favorable outcome.

First, the best lawyers dealing with child custody in Orange County, CA always advise the parent to focus on the needs of the child or their own needs during the mediation process. There are many things that courts in Orange County, California consider when determining who gets custody of the child and who doesn’t. Unknowingly to most parents, some minute things act to their disadvantage and deny them the opportunity of being awarded custody of the child as Joseph P. Downs advises.

It is of paramount importance that you seek the best legal presentation as this is the only way that you can be sure that the verdict passed on child visitation and child custody in Orange County, CA favors you. While many lawyers in Santa Ana, California claim to be experts in this matter, it is of paramount importance that you do your homework very well and gets to know which lawyer is best suited to handle your case. Opting to have your case handled by the Law Office of Joseph P. Downs is the best thing you can do as you can be sure that experts will be handling it.

Depending on the arguments brought forward, the court will decide on which parent is more suitable to take custody of the child. If the judge’s verdict on child custody in Orange County, CA doesn’t favor you, Joseph P. Downs will do his best to ensure that you also take part in supporting your child and visiting him or her as frequently as possible. He will ensure that the time-sharing plan is ideal for you to ensure that you visit your little angel during school holidays and at other times that are most convenient for you.

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